Can I Use A Blender Instead Of A Food Processor?

They both look almost the same. But are they the same? If you are a beginner and just started your journey into the kitchen then this question might be bothering you for a while. No wonder why you are reading this. The shortest answer to this question is; no they are not the same although they might look similar. The blender and a food processor are completely two different things. They both serve complete opposite motives. While a blender concentrates on liquids only but a food processor can work with many other ingredients except for liquids. But even if you look closely they also don’t look that much alike. Do they? There are many differences between a blender and a food processor which are described below, so keep on reading.



In terms of looks, blenders and food processors may look quite alike to many but there are a lot of differences. Blenders usually tend to be a little thinner and stands taller than a food processor. The blades at the bottom are blunt compared to a food processor. Blenders normally have 3-4 blades. Also, the blades are smaller than a food processor. The motor is very powerful in blenders.

Blenders are a perfect choice when you want ultra-fine texture. It is really good with liquids or hot liquids. It is excellent for mixing or blending liquids. You will want to reach for the blenders when you want juices or smoothies. It gives a silky and ultra-refined texture to your foods. You can also make fine pastes. Or you can also use it to make any type of nut or herb powders. To sum everything up blenders are good for anything liquid or if you are looking for smooth textured outcomes.

Food Processor:

Food processors look like blenders but their usage is of a really different category than a blender. Food processors are usually thicker and shorter in appearance. It usually comes with 2 large razor-sharp blades. The blades are very sharper than a typical blender. Compared to blenders food processors have less powerful motors. You will want to use it when you want something except for fine paste or powder. Food processors are like an extra assistant in your kitchen. Food processors are good with hard foods. The outcomes of the final products are not as refined or silky as a blender instead it’s very textured. You can knead the pastry dough, make purees, chop vegetables, makes salsas, bread crumbs, and a lot more with it.

Food Processor

Can You Use a Blender Instead of a Food Processor? 

The answer really depends on what purpose you are planning to use it for. The purposes are different for both. Although there are few things that you can do with both a blender and a food processor. But for efficiency, you will need to switch depending on your requirement.

Now, if you were to choose any one of these; then you should first figure out what you are intending to make. If you are into something where the final product is very smooth and fine in texture then, you should use a blender. Or if you are working with liquids you should also use a blender. For anything other than that you will want to reach for a food processor. Food processors are much more versatile than a blender. You can chop vegetables, mix ingredients or knead the dough, make sauces, hummus, bread crumbs, cheesecake crust, and you name it.


For vegetables, if you want a very liquid in texture finishing output then use a blender. Like if you want to make soups out of vegetables you should use a blender. Your soup will turn out very smooth and silky. But if want to make puree or simply chop it then use a food processor. Puree should be done using a food processor. Otherwise, the puree will become more like a juice than a puree. Food processors are also good for chopping medium to soft vegetables as well as hard nuts or seeds. It will chop leafy greens like a pro. Even you can use it to chop anything crusty or crunchy. You will find food processors very useful to make salsas and hummus or anything that has a texture to it.

Baby Food:

Baby foods are best done with a food processor. At least that’s what I believe and used to know. The reason behind it is that baby foods tend to be solid and liquid at the same time. The liquid part helps the baby to swallow it easily and the solids are a workout for their newly emerging teeth. So it’s best done with a food processor. But if you want to serve juice to your baby then using a blender. As simple as that. 


As I said earlier that if you want to make anything that has a slight texture to it then you should use a food processor. It will perfectly grind and mix the nuts, cheese, oil, and herbs. Food processors are very handy when you are mixing or grinding foods of different texture and consistency. Just hop in all the ingredients one by one and turn on the processor. Wait for few minutes and your fresh and tasty pesto will be ready to be served. Make a pesto with a blender will alter the classic consistency of the pesto which none of us wants. 


Expert Advice:

You might be doing well by working with just a blender only. But to keep things at the pro level, it is very important to let them serve their purposes individually. Although sometimes you can just work it away with just a blender. But you should keep in mind that the result might not be as perfect as it could have been with a food processor. Even if it does, the procedure will be much more hassling than just simply using a food processor. You will need to work in different settings and also have to work with small batches at a time to get that perfect consistency of the food. If you are good with it then go ahead with a blender. But to keep things simple and organized it’s best to have them both and let them do their jobs.  

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