3 Best Dishwasher Safe Wood Cutting Boards To Buy In 2022

Dishwasher Safe Wood Cutting Board


Whether you’re cutting vegetables, fruits, chunks of meat, or a slice of bread, having a Dishwasher Safe Wood Cutting Board is ideal for every home. The best kind of cutting boards is usually the wooden ones that are dishwasher safe. They come in different types and shapes and give you the opportunity to cut or chop just about anything you want to without worry. And at the end of your cutting, you simply place it in a dishwasher and it’s clean again. The ideal reason you should have a wood cutting board that is dishwasher safe is to make sure you get it cleaned easily. Getting those that aren’t dishwasher safe will get you in a lot of trouble. The wood eventually gets cracked as a result of too much heat and water.

Types Dishwasher Safe Wood Cutting Board

As stated earlier, there are various types of wooden cutting boards. Let’s discuss some of them below.


The flat panel is one wooden cutting board that one side of the board wider than another side. The wider side is the flat panel and is usually referred to as it’s facing, as opposed to the edge. Just as the name implies, it’s ideal for cutting just about anything.


The Edge grain or the vertical grain is produced simply by quarter saying lumber, making sure that all the edges of the growth rings show on the widest face of the piece. This ring form angles 45° to 90° with the widest faces.


The End grain is those wooden cutting boards whose wood has been cut across the growth ring instead. This is opposed to cutting the full plank down the length of its trunk. End grain wood is gotten by cutting just at 90° angle of the grain.


So which of these wooden cutting boards is better for the use you may ask? Well, ideally edge grain will be most suitable for cutting and chopping things, but it’s more likely to show knife mark signs way faster than end grain. It is also likelier to wear over than end grain. Edge grain surfaces are really hard and durable, they almost act like a wall but tend to dull knives faster than end grains too…


1. Epicurean Kitchen Series Cutting Board, 14.5-Inch × 11.25-Inch, Natura



The Epicurean cutting surfaces users a distinctive and unique option that is well different from what we get from glass, poly, and other wood cutting boards. Ladened with all. the various best qualities of a good wood cutting board, this cutting surface is functional and outstanding. They are designed perfectly for extreme functionality, maximize use and ease of cleaning. Approved by the NSF, the Epicurean cutting board is shaped to ensure that it is easily fit into a dishwasher thus making its cleaning very easy. You are sure not to house any bacteria or parasites with the way they are easy to clean and store. Epicurean cutting board surfaces are made in such a way that your knives would never get dull by cutting on them. This is unlike what we see in most cutting board surfaces which tend to dull knives.


The materials used in making the Epicurean cutting boards are non-porous wood fiber composite gotten from trees that have been harvested while strictly following the North America Sustainable Forestry Standards guidelines. The boards are made in such a way that they don’t crack, they resist heat up to 360 degrees and they don’t harbor stains too

  • The cutting board is 14. 5-Inch x 11. 25-inch naturally. It is made in the United States Of America using Richlite paper composite material. Thus, it’s very durable, non-porous, and extremely knife friendly.nIt is designed for use daily. It is lightweight and comes with an inbuilt thumb hole which makes storing it very easy. You can also use both sides of the cutting board without worry.nThe Epicurean cutting board is outstanding when it comes to slicing, cutting, and even serving. You can choose to use it only in the kitchen or off the kitchen as well.nIt doesn’t absorb the odor of whatever you cut on it and is highly resistant to bacteria. It can also resist high temperatures up to 360 degrees.nThe cutting board is NSF approved thus can be easily used for commercial purposes. It comes in various sizes of 4 and comes in 3 colors too.
  • It may not be suitable to cut very large pieces at a time.


2. Epicurean Gourmet Series Cutting Board, 14.5-Inch by 11.25-Inch, Natural/Slate



The importance of a great cutting board can not be overstated and this is something every good chef, professional or at-home, knows. No matter what you want to use it for, chipping carrots, mincing herbs, cutting onions or potatoes, having a great cutting board helps. Even if you want to slice your watermelon or cantaloupe or perhaps it’s to cut and serve your barbecue, a high-quality cutting board is always sort after. The aim is always for that one cutting board that offers genuine convenience, is efficient and durable. This is what the Epicurean Gourmet Series Cutting Board offers.


This amazing wood cutting board is made naturally from wood fibers of trees that have been harvested from managed forests while following proper guidelines. The cutting board is made in the United States of America and obeys all NSF rules, thus is approved by them. The Epicurean Gourmet Series Cutting Board is dishwasher safe, easy to clean and store as well. It is extremely knife friendly and does not retain oil or bleach from whatever you’re cooking. The Epicurean Gourmet Series Cutting Board has been the number one preference for chefs all around the world for over 30 years. It is temperature resistant for up to 360 degrees and can be used as a trivet should the need arise.


Pros of Epicurean Gourmet Series
  • The Epicurean Gourmet Series Cutting Board is highly dishwasher safe. This is quite unlike several other cutting boards out there. Epicurean surfaces are known to be made of the utmost quality, meaning they can easily be put into a dishwasher and cleaned without fear of getting damaged at all.nThese amazing wood cutting boards are made and developed in the United States of America. They are exclusively made here, meaning they aren’t made any other place.nEpicurean Gourmet Series Cutting Board is certified by the National Sanitary Foundation meaning you can be sure of its ease of use. You can also trust its ability to be cleaned easily and not to harbor any form of bacteria.nThe wood cutting board is also Forest Stewardship Council certified. So you can be sure to use it without worry.nIt’s extremely knife friendly. The wood cutting surfaces score slightly to ensure your knives don’t get dull while in use. This means you won’t have to sharpen your knife all the time.nEpicurean Gourmet Series Cutting Board is highly heat resistant. Reaching up to 360 degrees is not an easy feat. You can also use the surface s a trivet and you won’t notice any marks blemish.
Cons of Epicurean Gourmet Series
  • Can not be used as cookware.nIt may not be suitable for cutting large quantities at once.nSlightly difficult to store by hanging.


3. John Boos Block Chef-Lite Lightweight Essential Reversible Cutting Board


For those chefs around the world who seek the warmth and characteristics of a wood cutting board, this is a much lighter and probably better alternative by John Boos and co. John Boos Chef-Lite cutting boards are made using only the finest wood fiber composite. What this means is that they are extremely good on your knives and easy to maintain. They have an inbuilt grip which makes them easy to handle while in use and hang for storage. For the flamboyant, you can also use John Boos Chef-Lite cutting boards for serving at parties and eat outs. The strong yet thin cutting board is approved by the National Sanitary Foundation (NSF), meaning its surface is free from harboring bacteria of all kinds. You just need to place it in a dishwasher with soap and water and all will be wiped clean. John Boos Chef-Lite cutting board is efficient and very durable as well.


Pros of Epicurean Gourmet Series
  • John Boos Chef-Lite cutting board comes as 22 inches by 10 inches by 1/4 inch thick. It’s relatively very strong yet looks thin.nnThe amazing wood cutting board is made in the United States of America at Effingham, Illinois. They are crafted by very skilled craftsmen who employ time-old techniques as old as 1887. The boards are National Sanitary Foundation (NSF) approved meaning its surface of cutting is safe from bacteria and won’t harbor any, at any time. nnCan be cleaned easily by wiping with soap and water and placing it in a dishwasher. Simple as that.nThis wood cutting board has an inbuilt handle that is used when cutting and used for storage by hanging. nnJohn Boos Chef-Lite cutting boards come with one year guarantee against all kinds of workmanship defects as well as material defects.nnJohn Boos Chef-Lite cutting board is very easy on knives and other kitchen cutleries. It doesn’t dull your knives at all, quite unlike plastic boards.n
Cons of Epicurean Gourmet Series
  • •tMay be considered too small.n•tMay break under severe pressure n


So there you have it, there are lots of wood cutting boards out there, but not many of them are dishwasher safe. We have brought you quite a few of them that you can select which are dishwasher safe and approved by the right authorities. Feel free to make your pick.